Maureen Bandari


I took these pictures when I was four months pregnant. I was one of those women who literally kept asking people if they can see my bump and the answer was always a NO. Of course nobody ever wants that because the moment you find out that you are pregnant you just can’t wait to put your hands on your tummy so you can imagine the frustration of four months down the line, and nothing to show for it

About this outfit, crisp white ensembles show some form of class and elegance you cannot find with other colours. It created a good base for my green tuxedo blazer whichΒ  I made sometime back. We don’t get to wear blazers a lot around here so it’s a relief when you get an opportunity to get them out of the closet. I tried to wear these pants the other day but my waist could not allow such ambitions, lol. All in good time I guess with the baby weight


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  1. Eddah

    July 26, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    I love the look…that tuxedo

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