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Sometime back,Slim therapy the brand launched their first ever fish therapy pedicure in Mombasa.I attended the launch and had such a nice time. Now,I am not gonna lie here,this was my first time ever doing this and lemme tell you,that moment when you put your legs inside for the first time is so daunting.The fish come baying for the dirt and it’sΒ  ticklish as hell. You will want to scream,laugh,pretend you got it and all but it is still such an amazing experience. Thank God you settle in pretty quick and relax within minutes. The whole idea of fish pedicure is that the fish gets to feed off the dead skin on your feet for a given period of time. You should know that if you have freshly painted your nails or used nail polish remover,you won’t be allowed to do this pedicure because that smell can easily kill the fish. Therefore as you plan your spa day,put that into consideration

fish pedicure mombasa

I was pretty interested in the whole slim therapy aspect of the business as well and sought to find out from the founder Liz Bisher who was such a sweetheart and took me through what they do. The whole idea is to lose weight using electro therapy whereby they exercise your muscles in a manner that signifies a gym work out. With a good meal plan you could lose a dress size every month. I struggle with weight issues all the time and I talk about it here on the blogΒ  from time to time. I managed to try out and get a feel of what it’s all about. What I loved most is that they are able to work on your problem area and I can bet most women will be quick to point out their tummy area. Oh well,you are not alone in that πŸ™‚

slim therapy kenya

electro therapy kenya

slim therapy kenya

The whole process sounded good to me and I figured I can try this and track my progress with you guys and hopefully get to my ideal size at the end of it. At first I was worried about possible side effects only to be assured by Liz of the safety of electro therapy which is commonly used by athletes. I set out to research on it before I can engage and was happy with my findings.You can never replace natural exercise but it’s good to have an alternative especially when you are pressed for time.The main agenda for slim therapy is to jumpstart your fitness regime and you can later maintain it with work outs if you want to. For the launch, I wore this green polka skirt I made with a few accessories here and there

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Fun fact: The photos are from 3 different photographers.Can you guess which ones are from the same person? keep it here for Fun and Fashion

Location: Slim Therapy Mombasa is at city mall second floor. You will love the pedicure especially if you go with your girls for a bonding session. XOXO


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