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I figured it’s time I did an update of the products I’m currently crushing over.Good morning!

I bought the three products around the same time but in three different places. Living in a coastal town has had all manner of effects on my hair. I used to have dark hair but now it has changed colour to brown thanks to the strong UV rays I expose my hair to. I had no idea we need to protect the hair just the same way we do skin.Thank you Jennifer for that eye opening information. Even if the effects are irreversible, I sought to look out for a good climate protection conditioner. I knew about this product but It was out of stock in all places I had seen it before so you can imagine what I wentΒ  through…glad I have it

TRESemme climate protection conditioner

TRESemme conditioner

This conditioner smells nice,I’m a sucker for any product that has a nice smell.It claims to fight humidity and static(hair lacking motion) as well as offer UV protection for your hair. You don’t really need to be under a drier for this one. Personally, I washed my hair then applied this conditioner right after and massaged for about ten or so minutes…well,the hair stylist did all that o/ I bought it at Nakumatt Malindi for 1200ksh though I have seen it in super cosmetics,other nakumatt branches and beauty wholesalers mama ngina in Nairobi

Black Silk moisture boost conditioner

black silk moisturizing conditioner DSC_0034

So,black silk is actually a Kenyan brand and has all types of hair products which I haven’t experimented with. My hair is usually dry every other day thanks to the climate we live in so when Jennifer recommended this moisture boost conditioner,I didn’t even fret.It promises to hydrate,improve styling and make hair soft,long and strong. When I got out of the drier last Friday,my hair was so soft I kept touching it like a little broke girl wearing a human hair weave for the first time.I bought this at super cosmetics Nyali centre for 450ksh. super affordable i guess πŸ™‚

I bought the two products around the same time and used both during my salon visits.You can mix conditioners for those who are not aware.The first time I mixed them while the other times,I used the TRESemme one first,washed, then applied the black silk one and sat under a drier. My hair has not felt this good in a while. I honestly have no idea which product is responsible for what but all I can say is that it’s been almost a week now and my hair is still soft,bouncy,less dry and easier to style. This was the third time using these products. I may have to use them separately for a better feedback but until then, The two are giving me life

Black Radiance Foundation


Black Radiance….this is my current foundation. I was using black opal,carob, for the past year but felt like it made my face lighter than I actually I’m. So, I walked into beauty wholesalers to buy a sleek foundation and meet a friend there. Her face was well beat as usually and her foundation blended so well with her skin.When I asked,she pointed me to this and it ended up in my shopping basket. I had never heard of this brand before but so far it is working well. One thing I love is that it has a wand which you use to apply the foundation with. The price is okay as well, 700ksh. The one thing I don’t like is that the cap closes unproportionally and this disturbs me…But the main thing is that it blends well almost suggesting that I have no make up on



  1. linet nkirote

    March 3, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    Amen to a well blended foundation. With all the care you give your hair, it must be on cloud nine…always looks good.

  2. Chez Maureen

    March 28, 2015 at 11:13 pm

    I should give a try to these, living in the coast has given me a share of dry hair

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