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A few years ago I wasn’t really a make up person. Not that I am one right now but I can honestly say my make up collection has improved immensely. I have shared some of my fave products in the past with you guys and today I would love to just let you in on some of the items I have bought between mid last year to date.

Elf X Jackie Aina eye shadow pallet and Karruche X colour pop highlighter

Jackie Aina Is an established beauty youtuber and she had a collaboration with Elf to create this beautiful and affordable pallet that has become my go to eye shadow. I love the earthy colours and basically carry this in my bag all the time. The Karruche tran and colour pop collaboration created this beautiful highlighter. Just dubbing a little down my nose always makes me say yaaaaas. Not forgetting my cheek bones.. love it!

Charlie’s Revlon mineral blush and Flomars’ gold glitter eye shadow

I don’t use this blush much unless I am wearing some lip stick that kind of compliments it. It’s beautiful but not my everyday go to kind of blush. Also, I am not much of a blush queen so I just keep it for those days that I am in formation with it. As for the flomar eye shadow though, I love it!!! It lasts the whole day basically and looks so glam I can’t deal.I always spray my make up set spray on my eye shadow brush as I apply it just toΒ  ensure I pick up enough product

Morphe foundation brush

I looooove this brush. Initially I had some H and M brushes and was looking forward to upgrading my brush set. I will share my current brush set in future but this brush definitely stands out. It blends foundation really well with no fine lines visible. It doesn’t suck up all your liquid foundation and that’s the main reason I personally stopped using wedges and haven’t joined the beauty blenders wagon

Gabrini eye liner, MAC liquid foundation, MAC prep and prime, LA girl setting spray

I bought the gabrini eye liner at some point because I wanted to practice how to create a wing eye. For that reason I didn’t want to spend much just incase I give up and remain with some expensive product I cannot use. So far, not so bad but I definitely have a long way to go.I changed my foundation from black opal to MAC and for the first time I actually tried out a primer. Love both products(I have to because they cost me some serious coins yoo). Lastly, again same reason as the gabrini eye liner, I bought this LA girl setting spray just to get the whole setting your make up thingy and if it actually helps in any way before I find the one I will stick with. So far, so good though I must say..

What beauty products would you recommend I try out? what are you currently loving? I would love to hear from you.

Products purchase information

1)MAC match master 8.0Β foundation and primer : MAC shop in Dubai Mall

2)Gabrini eye liner: super cosmetics

3)LA girl setting spray: Kens pharmacy, Diani

4)Flomar eye shadow: Super cosmetics

5)Revlon blush: Nakumatt Malindi

6)colour pop highlighter, morphe brush and elf eye shadow : make up cloud kenya


  1. Vera

    May 22, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    I am going to update my products thanks to you. The morphe brush is however out of stock. Could you recommend another brand that is just as good?

  2. Kate

    September 8, 2017 at 1:41 am

    Thanks for the post. I think ill follow this guide in getting makeup and how to use them.

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