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Just realized that I have been wearing blue a little too much lately. Anyway..

Growing up at various stages in my life, there are things that I wasn’t so much into about myself and some I couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about. Let’s begin with my skin tone… I grew up with fellow dark skin girls in my hometown so I thank God I didn’t grow up wondering why I wasn’t light. Unfortunately in Campus I did notice that society and men in general did  prefer a lighter tone or ‘rangi ya thao’ as commonly referred to. I was just lucky that by then I didn’t have any self esteem issues that could have swayed me towards altering my skin tone. If anything I felt extremely hot and popping! lol. Now as an adult, I move around town mostly with no make up on. I  just apply a  moisturizer and highlighter and I meet people who are obsessed with my skin  asking me for tips on how to  achieve  a flawless one which I find quite intriguing. The obsession with melanin now is quite something and goes to show that you shouldn’t count being dark skin as a flaw, you are part of a movement so be proud.

When it comes to having a big bum,I used to find it limiting especially when it came to dressing up. A nice short dress on one of my slim sisters was basically a top on me  and I didn’t fancy that growing up. As I got into my 20s I started appreciating it a little just because I couldn’t do much about it. Fast forward to these days when women are doing fat transfer and butt lifts just to have a bigger booty is so perplexing to me. To see the world obsessing over Kim Kardashian and JLO’s booty is quite interesting when we effortlessly have that in Africa and It’s no big deal…well, it sorta has become a big deal in Kenya though. Anyway, Nowadays that’s the last thing I check out before I leave the house and smile. so crazy!

Lastly, one thing I currently don’t get stressed over is my dental formula.  I have never had the expected 32 teeth an adult should have.  I have gaps since birth and thanks to my sweet tooth I have already lost two molars. This is the one thing I was too cautious about when I started blogging six years ago. If you look at my posts in previous years, I hardly smiled because I was too scared of readers making fun of me. I have really put in work to love the things I can not change and I am not sure at what point I just let go of the fear and started not only smiling but also laughing pretty hard in some of my pictures. It helps to have a partner who is obsessed with the gaps as well 🙂

It’s incredible how some things you consider flaws are celebrated by others and how loving yourself just as you are can easily make you the most confident person in the world. Look at white people getting lip injections when we got full lips over here you know? Let’s live our lives as we celebrate who we are. and on that note, let’s all  embrace these breastfeeding boobies I got for now shall we? 🙂 I just officially started weaning, to say I’m soo excited will be an understatement (please insert dancing emojis) feel free to give me pointers because I do not know what I am doing half the time.


Brown ruffled top: Forever 21

Blue pants: thrifted

Handbag: Kibeti kenya

Makeup: myself

hair: same as here

photography: john okode


  1. Ann Makena

    November 22, 2017 at 11:17 am

    I have followed your posts since 2013,U have much inspired me especially being a flawless melanin thick lady. Cant say haven’t gone through the down lane especially with my skin tone and body size as I grew up but one thing I have come to do appreciate and have got from your various blogs its to appreciate and loving myself more each and every day.
    Thanks Maureen be blessed with your family and don’t put that pen down, do continue writing as U never know somewhere you are making a very big positive impact to other young adults out there.

  2. Val

    November 22, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    Congratulations on the weaning milestone! You look great!

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