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We are back with our girl Jennifer Gertrude to tackle a few hair questions. The last time I introduced her to you guys,she was going to attend the Kenya hair awards and she won in the best emerging hair stylists category. I was so happy for her and hopefully that also puts faith into her work in case you had any doubts (hopefully you didn’t ) My own hair is what it is now thanks to her. Today we are going to tackle hair changing colour what braid size is good for your hair plus a new segment which will be the product(s) of the month . In case you missed the first post,check it here and as usual this is going to be a long post. Enjoy!

How do you prevent hair colour change from black to brown?
Hair colour change can be caused by several reasons
1. Diet
2. Exposure to UV (the sun)
3. Use of harsh products on the hair
4. Lack of proper hair care

1. Diet
-your hair is the biggest reflection of your health, when your diet is poor hair will change colour (remember the kwashiorkor example) the hair will be dull and brittle. The hair above the root is dead cells, and depends on nourishment from the live actively growing one underneath and products applied to it. Feed your body well, and feed your hair well too, in extreme hot weather keep moisturizing conditioners very close and oil treatments too.
2. Exposure to UV (the sun)
– cover up
– cover up
– Did I say cover up? A hat is the best investment when dealing with extremely hot weather both for your skin & hair especially if you reside at the coast. The oxidation levels and loss of moisture lead to unhealthy looking hair. Invest in UVA/UVB protection for your hair just as u would for your skin. UV protection conditioners can be found in local cosmetic outlets.Revlon products are usually sold exclusively to salons so look out for knock offs.Super cosmetics and nakumatt have a product from TRESemme for the same

3. Use of harsh products on the hair
The most notorious have got to be shampoos. These are alkali products & the lower on the scale they are, the higher the detergent content and the more the damage they cause. Opt for creamy shampoos like this one as they are less stripping and less drying to the hair. That squeaky clean feel you enjoy, That’s your hair completely stripped off natural oils and left to dry(literally)
4. Lack of proper hair care
– overuse of heat styling on the hair
– not using protective products when styling hair

when it comes to braids,which size is better to protect the hair from hair loss and damage to the hairline.

There are three types of sizes
Micro braids – They are very popular but they are also the most stressful braid size to hair follicles. They work for some people especially those with a resilient hairline but many have also found themselves with traction alopecia and excessive breakage. This also gives a painful experience for most during their ‘Kenyatta market’ visits. The braid does not loosen along the hair strands so it keeps the original tension applied onto the hair and it actually tightens more if washed or if it gets in contact with water during swimming
Pen sized braids – These are the ideal size in terms of tensile strength while also being small enough to adequately allow each strand to be equally coated with product when you wash or moisturize your hair.Chunky braids – These are also great for hair length retention but they will have to be taken down more often to allow for thorough washing and conditioning. They may also be too big for some people to be aesthetically pleasing! Of course braid sizes vary widely and you may find success with a braid size between a micro and a pen size braid but the take home message here is the larger the braid, the better your length retention in the long run.


I have received a lot of questions regarding how to deal with chemically processed hair during work outs. While most opt to braid their hair, others find it bulky and feel dirty after a week of sweating and the smell is not pleasant.
Braided hair offers ease of maintenance but has more disadvantages unless you are willing to undo and re-do it weekly. Sweat gets trapped in the hair and apart from the smell the scalp gets itchy.Also the strain while jumping up and down during cardio workouts is not so healthy on the hair and might add tension and cause traction alopecia. My Recommendation is to Work out with your hair open that way it does not absorb sweat. Tying a bandana around your hairline also gathers all the sweat in that area, use a work out band instead.

Alternatively,tie your hair in a high bun and let it down later after the shower. If the right products have been used on your hair all along, if it’s been trimmed into well aligned layers and if you condition weekly, your hair will be okay and especially layered hair will bounce back to the original hair style.If you sweat too much, blowing around the hairline with a hand held dryer works wonders. if hair is not held up or put in a headscarf it will be wet and flat.

The sun is out in most parts of Kenya, some parts hotter than others, and our skin and hair are feeling the heat literally. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture will keep the hair supple and malleable, avoid breakaway hairs and generally maintain the hair in good condition. During dry weather a lot of us tend to use too much pomade on hair, this in turn leaves the hair heavy and lank, and a magnet to all the dust. The hair should be moisturized not oily.
Deep conditioning weekly helps to keep the hair static free and therefore no fly aways when combing. The following are three great humectifying conditioners that will leave your hair thankful.
Superior moisturizing results to help prevent dull, brittle, breaking hair and split hair ends, Superior detangling for easy wet and dry combing.Hair becomes more manageable, Protects hair from drying effects of thermal appliances, Adds exceptional body and shine,
Available only in professional salons price range for service Ksh. 1,500/- to 2,500/- keracare-3.gif

Enriched with milk of almond extract and coconut oil. Deeply penetrates dehydrated hair to leave it weightlessly soft and manageable. Available in Professional salons price range for service 1,500/- to 2,500/ while the product itself is about 4500ksh
This is a made in Kenya product and it is Available in Professional salons. The price range for service is between 500/- to 1,000/- While the product itself is 450Ksh and it’s available in most cosmetic outlets.

There you have it guys for the second Q&A edition.Hope you managed to learn a thing or two in regards to understanding your hair and knowing what works and what doesn’t.Got any hair and skin care questions for us? kindly drop us a comment below and we will be more than happy to help you out..

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