Maureen Bandari



As a blogger and a fashionista, shopping will never really be enough. If money wasn’t an issue I would probably shop everyday and still have room for new stuff.That’s not to say that you can’t look good on a budget but the urge to have new stuff all the time I guess isΒ  a hard one to beat. On that note, This month I am really crushing on a few stuff. Some I’m in the process of acquiring while some will take a minute before they find a home in my closet.

First off is the box pleat midi skirts shown above and especially satin and polka dots.The number of times I have styled this skirts in my head is appalling. Thank God I will be receiving some soon otherwise I would go crazy


These box clutches are the best accessories for most at red carpet events.They compliment an evening gown and give a touch of chic to any outfit. I almost stole one from my friend but I thank God I’m such a good christian. Hallelujah.. Anyone who sells these or knows where I can buy an affordable one kindly let me know


Lace up boots is a recent obsession. This is due to my recent need to change up my style and have fun while experimenting on anything and everything. Hope to pull up those grunge and tom boy inspired looks effortless. I have no idea where to get these kinda boots as well but I’m sure if I go shopping, I will see one or two


Cat graphic sweatshirts are my next big thing. any Graphic tees really to be honest. I am intrigued by the details and what they represent in an outfit. I lean more towards this type in comparison to print all over the sweatshirt/tshirt/top

What are you obsessing over at the moment? In case you have any leads on where we can get these stuff,share with the rest of us.



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