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back to school like a boss


Is it too late to wish y’all a happy new year? I am so excited to be back to blogging and I must say, the break and holiday was so worth it. I rested,watched movies,read books,traveled and did all sorts of things. I am ready for 2015 at this point

When I wore this outfit,I went to the supermarket to get a few things on my way home. So I was there just doing my thing and I see a bunch of girls wearing a maroon skirt and pink blouse as uniform leaving the supermarket. As I walk towards the till to pay, this attendant tells me that your schoolmates have left and I looked at him like whaaat? In all that confusion my one and only burst out laughing when he realized my outfit kinda looked like a school uniform and that’s why the guy made that comment. Now that I look at it, I think I just miss a tie or something. Haha. Anyway, If you throw on a nice fitting blazer you will actually be ready for that boardroom meeting with this outfit! πŸ™‚

Fun and Fashion…

DSC_0864 DSC_0868

DSC_0897 DSC_0872


Photos by Jonfontho

Before I forget, the winner for the achie otigo clutch giveaway I ran on my facebook page is Franscina Omogo. For those who love giveaways every once in a while,do check my facebook page for that.

outfit details

pin striped blouse:mtwapa

Skirt:can’t remember

Heels:mr price

hair accessory: Dubois


  1. Franscina Omogo

    January 12, 2015 at 11:30 am

    I cant wait to rock this bag and yes to work!! Whoop whoop!!
    ION you look fabulous, you could still pass for an Alphan

    1. maureenbandari

      January 12, 2015 at 1:08 pm

      you deserve it my dear. Thank you,forever young haha

  2. Karen Miriam

    January 12, 2015 at 6:16 pm

    Hahaha… that was hella funny. It does look like a uniform but a very chic kind. I’d love to go to such a school, haha

  3. Winnie Odande

    January 12, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    It sure is back to school, and that blouse Ma, ahem! That boardroom meeting will be fiery. If you know what I’m talking about. πŸ™‚

  4. EmillyMoraa

    January 12, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    What is the name of that school again…I need to enroll…looking lovely πŸ™‚

  5. Phenomenal Woman

    January 14, 2015 at 7:49 am

    Looking good! πŸ™‚

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