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Affordable at home DIY pedicure

pedicure essentials

Hey guys. Can we talk pedicures today? I love spending time at the salon on lazy Saturdays and sometimes you can dedicate a whole day to have everything done. We are talking hair, facials, eye brows, eye lashes, manicure, pedicure etc. It can become too much or too expensive sometimes. Personally I don’t do a lot of pedicures at the salon because as they rub my feet I get sooooo ticklish and laugh the whole time amidst pulling back my leg it’s not even funny for real. So, When I get time I do my own at home and thought I can share from my recent episode. For purposes of this post I tried to use affordable and readily available items as much as I could. Nothing complex or too hard to find.Β Forgive the picture quality as I was using my Xperia phone.


1)Bath cream or any form of liquid soap that can lather easily

2) A scrub or sea salt of your choice

3)pumice stone

4)coarse gloves

5)nail polish remover, cotton wool and nail cutter

6) Towel

7) lemon/honey/milk


1)Use your nail polish remover and cotton wool to remove your current nail polish. Trim and file your toes using the nail cutter

2)Boil/warm some water and put some lemons cut into pieces. Depending on how warm you want it, pour in a basin and add your bath cream and some honey. You can either soak your feet in milk and honey or choose lemons. Honestly for me I would rather drink my milk but hey πŸ™‚ so I prefer soaking my feet in warm soapy lemon water with a little honey.

the funshion mistress

3) Generously apply your scrub or sea salt all over your legs. Wear your gloves to help scrub in circular motions. I loveΒ my hot pinkΒ gloves because they are coarse and are able to scrub really well even on their own with just soap. They are very essential and come in handy

DIY pedicure

4) You can use the nail file on your nail cutter to gently rub off any dead skin on your toe nails which comes off easily. Check for dirt under the nails and on the sides as well using the same cutter nail file.

5) rinse your legs in warm water and gently dry them with a clean towel. Apply your usual body lotion to moisturize

6) Pick out the nail polish colour you want from your collection and do your toes.

Luron nail polish


I don’t have pretty legs so please abeg, don’t stare for too long. Haha. Your legs will definitely look and feel smooth with cute little painted toes πŸ™‚


pedicure essentials


Bath cream: around 400 I think, local supermarkets

scrub: around 200ksh, Nakumatt.(I bought this a long time ago. Thank God for long expiry dates)

pumice stone: 100ksh, local super markets

nail cutter: 100ksh

luron nail polish remover: 100ksh, super cosmetics. I love this type because it’s gently and doesn’t dry out my nails

Hot pink gloves: 350ksh, Nakumatt. They come in various bright colours. I scrub my body with this every morning. Best thing I have bought this year. Take my word for it. Love it

luron nail polish: 100ksh, local spermarkets

Golden rose holiday collection/rich colour: aroundΒ  700ksh and 400ksh respectively

Do you have any tricks and treats for your home DIY pedicure? do share with us. Hope this post has been helpful to you. Share and keep up with me on Instagram as well. πŸ™‚



  1. Ciku Mungai

    September 24, 2015 at 10:26 am

    Nice affordable idea Maureen, no reason for those chipped unsightly toes..

  2. chuma muyunda

    September 25, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    this is nice and so affordable. will surely give it a try.thanks

  3. Cathy Johns

    September 28, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    Very nice idea…. I have to try this at home over the weekend.

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