Maureen Bandari


Is it too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR guys? I mean it’s been a minute andΒ  I am truly sorry for not posting for two months. I wasn’t inspired and so much was going on in my life I couldn’t keep up. However iΒ  made plans to shoot in advance so we should be good and consistent Continue reading


Honey lemme tell you about this dress! I knew I had this wedding coming up in November and I had just finished my three months maternity leave and I was one week back to work. I knew I had a lot to catch up on and based on how motherhood was keeping me on my toes, IΒ  I had to plan for the Continue reading


Just realized that I have been wearing blue a little too much lately. Anyway.. Growing up at various stages in my life, there are things that I wasn’t so much into about myself and some I couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about. Let’s begin with my skin tone… I Continue reading


Hey guys can I tell you something? I am really looking forward to December. Apart from Christmas it’s usually my birthday month and to add to that my baby will have finished six months and therefore I won’t be doing exclusive breastfeeding. That basically means that I can’t Continue reading


Hey guys Let me start by saying thank you for the overwhelming response and encouragement in regards to my previous post. Indeed that is a topic that we as women guard very close to our hearts and I would love to keep being candid with you guys with an unedited version of me. Having said that, Continue reading